Download 7-Zip 2020 {Updated}

7-Zip is a file archiver for extremely high compression. You can download latest 7-Zip completly virus free here.


7-Zip the free software and Award-Winning High –Compression File Archiver. The unique features have amassed the users and now become most favorable among the Businesses and the Home Users.

The 400+ million download has done due to compatibility with an array of compression, encrypted methods, and conversions.

The complete guideline about what is 7-Zip, how it works,system requirements to run 7-Zip, downloading, how to install 7-Zip, features, uses of 7-Zip, and to clear your doubt by the FAQ.

What is 7-Zip?

The main work of 7-Zip to place the groups of files within a compressed container called “archives,” and it is an open-source file achiever. The file extension used for 7Zip files is .7z, distributed under the license of LGPLv 2.1 along with unRAR restriction / LZMA SDK in the public domain and got the awards of the “best project” and “technical Design” in 2007. The Igor Pavlov has created the 7zip software in the year 1999.

Mainly work for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2008, 2003, NT, ME, and 98 and has the port of the command line version to Linux/Unix. The compression ratio is 40% higher than its peers since 7-Zip uses LZMA and LZMA2 compression due to secure compression settings and dictionary sizes, a little slow but high improve density. There is no need to register or pay. It is free.

The number of other compressions and non-compression archive formats, including  ZIP, Gzip, bzip2, xz, tar and WIM, is supported by 7-Zip. The utility supported for unpacking are Office Open XML, ARJ, XML, and many more. It supports the ZIPX for unpacking only. All the support is affordable by the least version of 9.20, released in 2010.

Few of the MSI files can be open by 7Zip and allow accessing the files along with the main content. Few of the Microsoft CAB and NSIS installer formats can be accessible in the same way the Microsoft executable programs, which are self-extracting archives, maybe opened as archives.

After successful download and Installation, you find 7 zip is simple and effortlessly navigate the interface. The main toolbar of 7zip has several menus that allow you to work smoothly for example view menu contains the history of the folder, the Extract button helps in easy browsing, and Favorite Menu can save up to ten folders.

The reason to choose 7-Zip

  • Free of charge
  • Secure
  • Localized
  • Free for commercial use
  • High compression ratio
  • Windows integration

How do 7-Zip work to compress the file?

The step to compress the files:

  1. Open the 7-Zip application->compress the access files -> click Add
    • You need to put the files in the same directory
  2. As per requirements, manage the settings of the Add to Archive window. The main parameters are listed below.
    • Archive — contains the name of the archive file.
    • Archive format — permit the user to choose the file’s format.  Select 7z, for the best compression rate.
    • Compression level —the compression rates vary from Store (highest compression) to Ultra (Slowest compression), and compression time is directly proportional to the compression level.
    • Compression method — the best way to handle the compression process, select the LZMA option.
    • Split to volumes, bytes — split the archive into parts.
    • Encryptions — secure the archive with a password.
  3. The archive file  appear in the same location as the original files once you click OK.

The steps to uncompress the file:

  1. Right-click the archive file, select 7-Zip -> Extract Here.
  2. 7-Zip will extract the files from the same directory as the original archive file.


Compressing files save the disk space, and the 7Zip compressing tools help the user to compress the files into multiple formats as per their choice.

System requirements needed to run the 7-Zip?

The system requirements are:

  1. Operating System:- Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  2. Memory (RAM):- 512 MB of RAM required.
  3. Hard Disk Space:- 100 MB of Storage Space required.
  4. Processor:- Intel Pentium 4 or later.

Features of 7 Zip

  • Open architecture
  • Powerful Command-line interface
  • Powerful Graphical user Interface
  • Ability to create the self-extracting single –volume archives.
  • It has Strong AES-256 encryption for 7z and ZIP formats.
  • High compression ratio.
  • The 7 Zip provides the better compression ratio than  PKZip and WinZip.
  • 7 Zip  supports the multiple core CPU threading.
  • Localized for 87 languages.
  • Usability as a basic orthodox file manager.